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  1. Ed Burmeister

    Was looking at your site a great tribute to a man who did a lot for Police Officers. The reason of this E mail is that When I was appointed to the N.Y.P.D in 1973 I was giving Shield 714. I was actually stopped when on my foot posts and people would say Sgt Friday or Dragnet. I was even given the nickname(Friday). I carried that shield until 1985 when I was promoted to Sergeant my Shield being 1014. I got the 14 at least. When I retired in 1994 I made a duplicate of Shield 714. Just wanted to let you know.

  2. J. Gibbons

    Hi I was just looking at your Badge 714 site- very nice. One small fix under the car driven in the 1960’s series- While a 1966 Fairlane was used in some “stock footage shots”, the primary vehicle driven by Friday and Gannon is a 1967 Fairlane.

  3. Michael M

    Wasn’t OJ Simpson in an episode of Dragnet?

    • Don

      Yes. The episode involved recruiting efforts for the LAPD and particularly, as one black Supervisor put it “Negroes” which was evidently used as a reference back then. OJ appeared in a night school class, sitting with the students listening to the presentation.

  4. Lou

    In 1977 a Dragnet LP was published by Golden Age Records. The album cover headline art reads Badge 833. My question is, Who is or What is Badge 833?

    Lou Emery

  5. lou

    Who was Badge 833? A “Golden Age” radio LP has a picture of a LA Police shield with those numbers on it. I cannot find anything on it. Might it be a creative typo?

  6. Jeff Spicoli

    Years ago, when Larry Elder had a radio show on KABC 790 in Los Angeles, he would open the 5 o”clock hour every Friday with a recording of Joe Friday saying to Gannon (and I may not have this exactly verbatim) “well, now just to show my appreciation we’ll knock off now and take the next two days off, how’s that?”.

    I think I’ve seen every episode of the 1967-70 series, and don’t remember which episode that snippette came from. Anybody here know?

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