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05/05: Check out the Old Time Radio for old radio recordings, including those of Dragnet

07/06: Dragnet 1968 Now Out on DVD
Dragnet 1968 is now available on DVD. It includes the rare Dragnet TV movie from 1966 and a special video interview with some surviving cast members such as Peggy Webber. It’s definitely a must-have for any Dragnet fan.

8/11: Dragnet Day in L.A.
There will be a “Dragnet Day” event at the Los Angeles Police Academy at 2pm on Aug. 11th to commemorate the new Dragnet stamp:

“As we continue to celebrate the Los Angeles Police Department’s 140th Anniversary, the LAPD will partner with the United States Postal Service to unveil the first ever Dragnet postage stamp. All Department personnel, and their family and friends are invited to join us on this very eventful day.”

Those in attendance will be able to participate in the festivities and purchase this unique (collectable) Dragnet Stamp, along with a special LAPD commemorative stamp and various LAPD, and Dragnet memorabilia. The City Council will also prepare a City Council Resolution designating August 11, 2009 as Dragnet Day in L.A. In addition, several surprise guests are expected to attend this event.

When: August 11th, 2009 at 1400 Hours
Where: Los Angeles Police Academy
Check flyer below:


3/24: Get “The D.I.” on DVD
The Warner Brothers Shop has introduced the Warner Archive, where you can download movies or order them via on-demand DVDs. For now you can purchase Jack Webb’s The D.I.. Hopefully, more Webb films will be coming soon.

3/23: See Dragnet Episodes on
See all of the 1960s Dragnet episodes for free online at

12/06: Dragnet 1967 Now Available from iTunes
If you have a video iPod (or even if you just have iTunes) and are looking for new video content, you can purchase Dragnet 1967 at iTunes. You can buy individual episodes for $1.99 each or the entire set for $27.99.

6/16: Dragnet 1967 (Season 1) Is Out
The first season of the color Dragnet series is out on DVD. There are two discs with 17 episodes, as well as a bonus disc with a radio program. It’s available from your favorite online retailer as well as many retail stores.

02/02: The Badge to be Republished
Jack Webb’s The Badge is being republished in March 2005 with an introduction by James Ellroy.

2/2/07: Actor Tom Wilde Dies
Actor Tom Wilde, who once played the Marlboro Man in a TV commercial and went on to teach, died last week from complications from a stroke. He was 88. Wilde, who lived in Land Park, Calif., was a bomber pilot in the Pacific during World War II. He pursued an acting career after the war and appeared on TV shows such as Dragnet and The Untouchables and as the Marlboro Man in one TV spot, the Sacramento (Calif.) Bee reported.

1/12: Dragnet Radio Episodes on 4_CD Set
G.L. Mercer sells a 4-CD set of the Dragnet radio shows from his Web site. Here’s the description:
Dragnet is on 4 CDs featuring the complete circulating series as it now stands. During the last few months there were 13 programs found that had been missing. Since they couldn’t be added to the original 3 CDs, we had to add a 4th CD, so we have now included the following; all regular broadcasts of the series; repeat shows including the complete last year which was repeats; 1 remade program; a tribute to Jack Webb, and 2 programs that Webb appeared on as guest for a total of 376 programs on 4 CDs for $20.00.

1/12: William Boyett Dies
William Boyett, 77, a veteran stage and television actor best known for playing Sgt. “Mac” MacDonald on the police drama Adam-12, died on Dec. 29th. Boyett also appeared on some Dragnet episodes.

1/12: Check Out the LAPHS Store
The Los Angeles Police Historical Society store has some cool Dragnet-related items as well many other great LAPD-inspired offerings. (Thanks to Ken Lanza for alerting us to their new listings.)

12/6: Former LAPD Chief Thomas Reddin Dies
Thomas Reddin, who was chief of the LAPD from February 1967 to May 1969 (during Dragnet’s color run), has died at age 88. You can read an obituary here at the L.A. Daily News site.

12/01: Updated DVD Guide
Michael Hayde has kindly updated his Video/DVD Guide, just in time for holiday shopping.

10/31: Rare 1950s Dragnet Episodes Now on DVD
Some never-before-released episodes of the classic 1950s Dragnet series are now available on home video. See Michael Hayde‘s Video/DVD Guide for more information, or visit the Shokus web site directly (you can also go straight to their Dragnet catalog page.).

10/10: Season One Dragnet DVD on Hold
Universal has announced that the release date for Season 1 of the new Dragnet series as been changed from Nov. 11th and is now “to be determined.” It may be rescheduled or cancelled.

3/17: New Dragnet Theme
We receive emails asking where you can get the theme for the 2003 Dragnet/L.A. Dragnet shows on ABC, a great reworking by Mike Post of the original 1950s theme by Walter Schumman/Miklosz Rozsa. Unfortunately, it is not currently available through official channels (although unofficial copies have circulated via file-sharing programs). We’re hoping that it will be released commercially soon. If it is, we’ll update this entry with information on how to obtain it.

3/10: Walon Green Interviewed on NPR’s Fresh Air on Monday, 3/10
Walon Green, one of the executive producers of the new Dragnet series, was interviewed on Fresh Air. The program is archived on the Fresh Air web site. (You can also read our own interview with Walon Green.)

2/4: Anthony Eisley Dies at 78
Anthony Eisley was best known for the series “Hawaiian Eye,” but he also appeared in numerous Dragnet episodes. See his IMDB profile for more.

1/21: Interview with Walon Green
Walon Green, executive producer of the new version of Dragnet, was kind enough to let us interview him. Questions were submitted by interested members of the
1/18: AT LONG LAST! The JACK WEBB Story That MUST be told!
We’d love to claim credit for that juicy headline, but it comes from an October 1957 article in TV People magazine, credited to Dragnet co-star Ben Alexander. We may never know whether Ben actually penned it or whether a TV People staffer pulled it together, but it makes for good reading.
Article by Dragnet Writer Burt Prelutsky
The Writers Guild of America site features an article written by Burt Prelutsky about his Dragnet writing assignments, called “Just the Facts, Ma’am.”
Dragnet on Video Updated
Michael Hayde, author of “My Name’s Friday: The Unauthorized but True Story of Dragnet and the Films of Jack Webb“, has updated his great article about the available Dragnet episodes on video Many thanks to Michael for sending us this item!
Webb Book Nominated for Edgar Award
Michael Hayde‘s book on Jack Webb and Dragnet, titled “My Name’s Friday: The Unauthorized but True Story of Dragnet and the Films of Jack Webb,” was nominated for an Edgar Award. (Unfortunately, it did not win.) The book is available from Amazon as well as Every Dragnet fan will want to own this definitive book.

Here are some review excerpts:

“Very impressive for both accuracy and style.” Harry Bartell, actor & DRAGNET regular

“A great piece of work! It is extremely well-written, with an easy style. I believe Jack would thoroughly approve.” Peggy Webber, actress & DRAGNET regular

“The research… is extraordinary. I believe Jack Webb would have loved it, and he certainly would have smiled warmly at the way his contributions to the art of broadcast (were treated) in the Epilogue.” Cope Robinson, Liggett & Myers advertising executive and friend of Jack Webb

“Dynamite! Just terrific!” Leonard Maltin, Movie and TV Critic/Historian

MY NAME’S FRIDAY is more than just the facts about TV’s neglected genius, Jack Webb — it’s as entertaining and compelling as the great cop show it investigates.” Max Allan Collins, author of “Road to Perdition

Mr. Hayde‘s excellent book… deserves a place on every DRAGNET fan’s bookshelf.” Anthony Tollin, Author/Historian for Radio Spirits

Other Jack Webb Bio Re-released
Just the Facts, Ma’am; The Authorized Biography of Jack Webb, Creator of Dragnet, Adam-12, and Emergency, by Daniel Moyer and Eugene Alvarez, was originally released in 1999 but was re-released in 2001 by a different publisher, and the authors e-mailed us to say: “This book is a revised and much-improved work of the former book by the same title. It chronicles in detail Jack Webb‘s entire life. Special attention is given to Webb‘s films and “Dragnet,” “Adam-12,” and “Emergency.” Other less-known productions are also covered.” It’s available for immediate order from publisher Seven Locks Press, who may be reached at 1-800-354-5348. It’s also available from Amazon.

You’re My Girl” on CD At Last!
Rhino Handmade, the “vanity” CD label of Rhino Records, is re-issuing two of Jack Webb‘s albums from the the 1950s; entitled “JACK WEBB ‘Just The Tracks, Ma’am: The Warner Bros. Recordings’ “. Tracks 1 to 12 are taken from the album, ‘YOU’RE MY GIRL,’ and Tracks 13 to 25 are taken from the album, ‘JACK WEBB PETE KELLY LETS HIS HAIR DOWN.’
It’s available as an individually-numbered limited edition of 3,000 copies from Rhino Handmade. The cost is $19.98 plus shipping. (Note: As of August 2002, the Rhino site is very slow but the CD is still available.)

1950’s Dragnet Episodes Available on Web
You can find numerous episodes to watch at MovieFlix. Michael Hayde, author of “My Name’s Friday: The Unauthorized but True Story of Dragnet and the Films of Jack Webb“, also informs us that two Web sites are offering some old Dragnet episodes for view. Like Television has four episodes: “The Big Little Jesus” (air date: 12/24/1953); “The Big Betty” (air date: 9/24/1953); “The Big Frame” (air date: 4/22/1954); and the next-to-last episode, “The Big Counterfeit” (air date: 8/16/1959).

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