The Usual Suspects

This page is devoted all those character actors who kept popping up in episode after episode of Dragnet. Did you think that all they ever did was appear on Dragnet?

Note: For some photos of these actors, check out Dragnet Cast. Another good site is devoted to character actors, called What-a-Character. CONTENTS:

Merry Anders
Art Balinger
Jill Banner
Howard Culver
Tim Donnelly
Don Dubbins
Virginia Gregg
Chanin Hale
Stacy Harris
John Hudson
Heather Menzies
Ralph Moody
Burt Mustin
Vic Perrin
Jack Sheldon
Mickey Sholdar
Olan Soule
Leonard Stone
Bobby Troup
Virginia Vincent
Len Wayland
Peggy Webber
Tom Williams
William Barton Yarborough

Merry Anders

(Photo sent in by Raul Moreno.)

Notable Dragnet Role:
Policewoman Dorothy Miller

Actress Filmography:
Blood Legacy (1971): aka Legacy of Blood
Women of the Prehistoric Planet (1966): Karen (aka Prehistoric Planet Women)
Tickle Me (1965): Estelle Penfield
Quick Gun, The (1964)
Tiger Walks, A (1964)
 : Betty Collins
Time Travelers, The (1964)
: aka Time Trap (1964)
House of the Damned (1963)

Police Nurse (1963)

Air Patrol (1962)

Patty (1962)
: aka Case of Patty Smith (1962)
20,000 Eyes (1961)

Gambler Wore a Gun, The (1961)
: Sharon Donovan
Police Dog Story, The (1961)
: Terry Dayton
Secret of Deep Harbor (1961)
: Janey Fowler
Hypnotic Eye, The (1960)

Walking Target, The (1960)

Young Jesse James (1960)
: Belle Starr
Five Bold Women (1959)
: The Missouri Lady
“How to Marry a Millionaire” (1958)
 TV Series: The Missouri Lady
Violent Road (1958)
: Carrie: aka Hell’s Highway (1958)
Desk Set (1957)
: Cathy: aka His Other Woman (1957)
Calypso Heat Wave (1957)
: Marti Collins
Dalton Girls, The (1957)

Death in Small Doses (1957)

Escape from San Quentin (1957)

No Time to Be Young (1957)

All That Heaven Allows (1955)
: Mary Ann
Princess of the Nile (1954)
: Handmaiden
Titanic (1953)
 (uncredited): College Girl
Farmer Takes a Wife, The (1953)
: Hannah
Miserables, Les (1952)
: Cicely

Notable TV Guest Appearances:
“Maverick” (1957) in episode: “Three Queen’s Full” 1961
“Maverick” (1957) in episode: “Destination Devil’s Flat” 1960
“Maverick” (1957) in episode: “Town That Wasn’t There, The” 1960
“Maverick” (1957) in episode: “People’s Friend, The” 9/13/1959

“Richard Diamond, Private Detective” (1957) in episode: “Bookie” 10/19/1959

Art Balinger

Notable Dragnet Role:
Capt. Brown, Friday and Gannon’s boss.

Actor Filmography:
Swarm, The (1978): Radio Announcer
Towering Inferno, The (1974): Announcer

Jill Banner

Notable Dragnet Role:
Camille Gearhardt in “The Hammer .” (She’s the one who provokes Friday to use his strongest language of any Dragnet episode: “I’ll bet your mother had a loud bark!”)

Dragnet fan Steve Parker writes:
I am virtually positive that Jill Banner, who was Marlon Brando’s girlfriend at the time, was killed in an auto accident during the run of the Dragnet series.

But TVLand’s Amy Anderson clarifies:
In addition to Spider Baby, Jill appeared in the 1967 teen film C’mon, Let’s Live A Little with Bobby Vee, Patsy Kelly, and Ken “Eddie Haskell” Osmond. She made a 1972 appearance in an episode of Cade’s County, and she also had a role on The Bold Ones. Shortly after, she quit acting and eventually wound up selling real estate in New Mexico before she returned to California in 1980. She was killed in a car accident in Malibu on August 7, 1982, at the age of 35.

Actress Filmography:
Uomo, un cavallo, una pistola, Un (1968) (aka Shoot First, Laugh Last/aka ‘Stranger Returns, The‘)
President’s Analyst, The (1967): Snow White
Spider Baby (1964): Virginia
(aka ‘Liver Eaters, The’/’Spider Baby, or the Maddest Story Ever Told’)

Howard Culver

Date of Birth: June 4, 1918
Date of death: August 4, 1984, in Hong Kong.
Height: 5′ 8″

Short Biography:
Howard Culver’s first radio shows were for CBS when he was in High School; worked most Hollywood-based radio shows, and many in San Francisco, including starring role as “Straight Arrow”, and co-star with Mercedes McCambridge in “Defense Attorney”. TV credits are many, including the entire 20 years of “Gunsmoke“, a part of Jack Webb’s stable, and one of Irwin Allen’s regulars. He died in 1984 in Hong Kong after a vacation in China.

‘Lois Hayes’ (1950 – 1984)
‘Maxine Born’ (? – 1949) (divorced)

Actor Filmography:
Night the Bridge Fell Down, The (1983)
 (TV): Mr. Cody
Halloween II (1981)
: Man in pajamas
Home Safe (1981)
: Grandpa Ollie
Guyana Tragedy: The Story of Jim Jones
: aka Mad Messiah, The (1980) (TV)
Blind Ambition (1979)
: aka “John Dean Story, The” (1979) (TV mini series)
Friendly Fire (1979)
 (TV): Newscaster
Little Mo (1978)
 (TV): Tennis Match Announcer
Secrets of Three Hungry Wives (1978)
 (TV): Newscaster
Swarm, The (1978)
: Airman #2
Brigham (1977)

Bad News Bears, The (1976)
: Newscaster Crunch (aka Fish Out of Water) (1976) (TV)
Shampoo (1975)
: Newscaster
$1,000,000 Duck (1971)

Barefoot Executive, The (1971)

Computer Wore Tennis Shoes, The (1970)
: Moderator
D.A.: Murder One (aka ‘Murder One’) (1969; TV)
: Newscaster
Something’s Happened to Dexter (1969)

Cattle Empire (1958)
: Preacher
Hot Rod Girl (aka ‘Hot Car Girl’; 1956)
: Desk Sergeant
Gunsmoke” (aka “Marshall Dillon”; 1955) TV Series: Howie, the Hotel Clerk (1955-75)

Notable TV Guest Appearances:
Brady Bunch, The” (1969), as Mr. Crawford (ep. ‘Sorry, Right Number’)

Tim Donnelly

Notable Dragnet Roles:
As the “Crimson Crusader” in “Burglary – DR-31” and as Paul Shipley in “The Big High” (aka “The Dead Baby in the Bathtub”)

Date of birth: September 3, 1944; California
Sometimes Credited As: Timothy Donnelly

Actor Filmography:
Parts: The Clonus Horror (1978)
: Richard Knight Jr.
Toolbox Murders, The (1978)
: Detective Jamison
“Emergency!” (1972)
TV Series: Fireman Chet Kelly (1973-1977)
Secret of Santa Vittoria, The (1969)
: Holtzmann

Notable TV Guest Appearances:
“Project U.F.O.” (1978)
playing “Stu Hadley” in episode: “Sighting 4007: Forest City”
“Dragnet 1967” (1967) playing “Jack” in episode: “D.H.Q. – Night School” (3/19/1970)
“Dragnet 1967” (1967) playing “Crimson Crusader” in episode: “Burglary – DR-31” (3/6/1969)
“Dragnet 1967” (1967) playing “Paul Shipley”(as Timothy Donnelly) in episode: “Big High, The” (11/2/1967)
“Legend of Jesse James, The” (1965)
 playing “Sonny Walters” in episode: “Real Tough Town, A” (episode # 1.19) 1/24/1966
“Virginian, The” (1962)
 playing “Tippy” in episode: “Day of the Scorpion” (episode #4.2) 9/22/1963

Don Dubbins

Also Known As: Donald Dubbins
Date of Birth: 1929, New York City
Date of Death: August 17, 1991

Notable Dragnet Role:
Neo-Nazi psycho who tries to blow up a grammar school.

Actor Filmography:
Death Wish II (1981)
: Mike
Outrage (1973)
(TV): Phil Werner
Banacek (1972)
: aka Detour to Nowhere (TV)
Run, Simon, Run: aka Savage Run (1970) (TV)
Illustrated Man, The (1969)
: Pickard
Learning Tree, The (1969)

Prize, The (1963)
: Ivar Cramer
D.I., The (1957)

These Wilder Years (1956)
: Mark
Tribute to a Bad Man (1956)
: Steve Millar
Caine Mutiny, The (1954)
: Urban
From Here to Eternity (1953)
: Friday Clark

Notable TV Guest Appearances:
“I Dream of Jeannie” (1965)
, as Commander Jay Russell (ep. ‘Astronaut in Sheep’s Clothing, An (1970)’)
“I Dream of Jeannie” (1965)
, as Lt. Pete Conway (ep. ‘Lady in the Bottle, The (1965)’)

Virginia Gregg

Date of Birth: April 6, 1916
Date of Death: September 15, 1986

Notable Dragnet Roles:
Pyramid-scheme queen Horton Bonnie Bates; mother of the Gypsy King.

Actress Filmography:
Evita Peron (1981)
 (TV): Radio Actress
S.O.B. (1981)

“Little Women” (1979)
 TV Series: Hannah (1979)
Little Women (1978)
 (TV): Hannah
Man from Atlantis (1977)
 (TV): Whale Scientist
Stranger, The (1973)
 (TV): Secretary: aka Stranded in Space (1973) (TV)
All My Darling Daughters (1972)
 (TV): Witness
Along Came a Spider (1970)
 (TV): Dr. Sylvia Newman
Quarantined (1970)
 (TV): Nurse Nelson: aka House on the Hill (1970) (TV)
Walk in the Spring Rain (1970): Ann Cade
Dragnet (1969)
Heaven with a Gun (1969)
: Mrs. Patterson
Madigan (1968)
: Esther Newman
Prescription: Murder (1967) (TV): Miss Petrie
Big Hand for the Little Lady, A (1966): Mrs. Drummond: aka Big Deal at Dodge City (1966)
Joy in the Morning (1965): Mrs. Lorgan
Spencer’s Mountain (1963)
: Miss Parker
House of Women (1962)
“Calvin and the Colonel” (1961)
 TV Series (voice): Maggie Belle (1961-62)
Man-Trap (1961)
: Ruth: aka Deadlock (1961) (working title): aka Restless (1961) (working title)
All the Fine Young Cannibals (1960)
: Ada Davis
Psycho (1960)
 (voice): Voice of mother
Hanging Tree, The (1959)
: Edna Flaunce
Operation Petticoat (1959)
: Major Edna Howard
Crime in the Streets (1956)

Fastest Gun Alive, The (1956)
: Rose Tibbs
Terror at Midnight (1956)

I’ll Cry Tomorrow (1955)
: Ellen
Love Is a Many-Splendored Thing (1955)
: Ann Richards
Dragnet (1954)
: Mrs. Starkie
Flesh and Fury (1952)
 (uncredited): Claire
Casbah (1948)
: Madeline
Gay Intruders, The (1948)
: Dr. Susan Nash
Spiritualist, The (1948)
: Emily: aka Amazing Mr. X, The (1948)
Body and Soul (1947)
: Irma
Gentleman’s Agreement (1947)
: 3rd Woman
Notorious (1946)
: Clerk
Medal for the General (1944)
: aka Gay Intruders, The (1944)

Notable TV Guest Appearances:
“S.W.A.T.” (1975)
, as [unknown] (ep. ‘Dragons and Owls (3/6/76)’)
“Rockford Files, The” (1974)
, as [unknown] (ep. ‘Roundabout (1974)’)
“Mission: Impossible” (1966)
, as Smitty (ep. ‘Encounter (1971)’)
“Maverick” (1957)
, as [unknown] (ep. ‘Ice Man, The (1960)’) “Maverick” (1957), as Gida Jamison (ep. ‘Pappy (9/13/1959)’)
“Maverick” (1957)
, as Amy Hardie (ep. ‘Day of Reckoning (2/2/1958)’)

Radio Roles
She was a regular on ‘Richard Diamond, Private Detective,’ a radio show starring Dick Powell.

Chanin Hale

Notable Dragnet Roles:
A shill who leads Joe and Bill to an illegal poker game; a department-store administrative supervisor whose boyfriend threatens her into committing fraud.

Actress Filmography:
“Red Skelton Show, The”
: TV Series: Regular Performer (1970-1971)
Will Penny (1968)
: Girl
Guide for the Married Man, A (1967)
: Miss Crenshaw

Other Notable TV Guest Appearances:
: playing “Lily” in episode: “Trouble with Trouble, The” (episode # 12.7) (1970)
“I Dream of Jeannie”
: playing “Party Girl” in episode: “Jeannie and the Bachelor Party”(1970)
“Dick Van Dyke Show, The”
: playing “Sugar” in episode: “Bad Reception in Albany” (1966)

Stacy Harris

(Sometimes Credited As: Stacy S. Harris)

In the 1951 ‘Dragnet’ pilot shown on *Chesterfield Sound-Off Time*, “The Big
Bomb,” he was the man with the home-made bomb threatening to blow up City Hall if his
brother wasn’t released from jail. Later, in the 1954 ‘Dragnet’ feature, he played Max
Troy, the organized crime figure Friday and Smith were trying to nail. He also appeared
in several half-hour epiosdes from the 67-70 revival series.

Actor Filmography:
O’Hara: U.S. Treasury (1971-1972)
: as a Special Agent
Bloody Mama (1970): Agent McClellan
Companions in Nightmare (1967) (TV): Phillipp Rootes
Brainstorm (1965): Josh Reynolds
Good Day for a Hanging (1958): Coley
Hunters, The (1958): Col. Monk Moncavage
Raintree County (1957) (uncredited): Union Lieutenant
Comanche (1956)
Mountain, The (1956)
“Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp, The” (1955) TV Series: Mayor Clum: aka “Wyatt Earp” (1955)
Dragnet (1954): Max Troy
Great Sioux Uprising, The (1953) (as Stacy S. Harris): Uriah
Redhead From Wyoming, The (1952): Chet Jones
His Kind of Woman (1951): Harry
“Door With No Name” (1951) TV Series: Doug Carter (1953): aka “Doorway to Danger” (1952) (new title)
Appointment With Danger (1951): Paul Ferrar

Notable TV Guest Appearances:
“Longstreet” (1971) in episode: “Through Shattering Glass” 2/24/1972
“Bonanza” (1959) playing “Teague” in episode: “338. Anatomy of a Lynching” 1969
“Honey West” (1965) in episode: “Invitation to Limbo” 1965
“Temple Houston” (1963) playing “Cliff Carteret” in episode: “Dark Madonna, The” (episode # 1.14) 12/26/1963
“Rawhide” (1959) playing “Sheriff” in episode: “Sendoff, The” 1961
“Zane Grey Theater” (1956) in episode: “Shadows” (episode # 4.6) 11/5/1959
“Richard Diamond, Private Detective” (1957) in episode: “Hideout” 5/31/1959
“Richard Diamond, Private Detective” (1957) in episode: “Purple Penguin” 4/24/1958
“Zane Grey Theater” (1956) in episode: “License to Kill” (episode # 2.18) 2/7/1958

John Hudson

Notable Dragnet Role:
Mr. Daniel Lumis

Actor Filmography:
Probable Cause (1994) (TV): Todd Carlson
“Oscar” (1986) TV Series: Robbie Ross
Two Gentlemen of Verona, The (1983) (TV): Valentine
Candy Stripe Nurses (1974)
: Dr. Krause: aka Sweet Candy (1974)
All in a Night’s Work (1961): Harry Lane
G.I. Blues (1960)
Valley of the Redwoods (1960)

Screaming Skull, The (1958)

Gunfight at the O.K. Corral (1957)
: Virgil Earp
Mohawk (1956)

Many Rivers to Cross (1955)
: Hugh
Silver Lode (1954)
: Michael ‘Mitch’ Evans
Return to Paradise (1953)
: Harry Faber
Battle at Apache Pass, The (1952)
: Lt. George Bascom
Red Ball Express (1952)
: Tank Sergeant
Bright Victory (1951)
: Corporal John Flagg: aka Lights Out (1951)
Cimarron Kid, The (1951)

Hue and Cry (1947)

Miscellaneous Crew Filmography:
Tremors II: Aftershocks (1995)
 (honeywagon driver)
Freaked (1994)
 (driver): aka Hideous Mutant Freekz (1994)
Lady In Waiting (1994)
 (transportation co-ordinator): aka Hollywood Madam (1994)

Director Filmography:
Adrenaline (1990)

Notable TV Guest Appearances:
“I Dream of Jeannie” (1965)
 playing “Grover Caldwell” in episode: “Jeannie and the Marriage Caper” 1965
Gunsmoke” (1955) in episode: “Once a Haggen” 2/1/1964

Heather Menzies

Notable Dragnet Roles:
Girlfriend of boy who has acid spilled on him in a movie theater in “The Grenade”; LSD-taker Edna Mae Dixon in “The LSD Story.”
Date of birth: December 3, 1949

Robert Urich (1974 – present)

Actress Filmography:
Endangered Species (1982): Susan
Captain America (1979) (TV)
Piranha (1978): Maggie McKeown
“Logan’s Run” (1977) TV Series: Jessica
James Dean (1976) (TV): Jan: aka Legend, The (1976) (TV)
Red, White and Busted (1975)
: aka Outside In (1975)
SSSSSSS (1973)
: Kristina
Hail, Hero! (1969)

How Sweet It Is! (1968): Tour Girl
Hawaii (1966)
: Mercy Bromley
Sound of Music, The (1965): Louisa: aka Rebel Novice Nun, The (1965) (Mexican title)

Notable TV Guest Appearances:
“S.W.A.T.” (1975)
 playing “Sheri” in episode: “Time Bomb” 10/4/1975
“Bob Newhart Show, The” (1972)
 playing “Howard’s Sister”
“Alias Smith and Jones” (1971) in episode: “Girl in the Box Car # Three, The” 1971

Ralph Moody

Notable Dragnet Roles:
Religious-item store owner Mr. Flavin in the Christmas episode; best friend of a 62-yr.-old man who gets beaten to death with a hammer (“Now I have three graves to take care of.”).

Actor Filmography:
Homicidal (1961)
: First Clerk
Outsider, The (1961)
: Uncle
Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold, The (1958)
: Padre Vincente Esteban
Monster That Challenged the World, The (1957)
: Watchman at Lock 57
Last Hunt, The (1956)
: Indian Agent
Far Horizons, The (1955)
: Le Borgne
I Died a Thousand Times (1955)

Many Rivers to Cross (1955)

Column South (1953)
: Joe Copper Face
Pickup on South Street (1953)
: Captain
Seminole (1953)
: Kulak
Tumbleweed (1953)
: Aguila
Affair in Trinidad (1952)
: Coroner
Road to Bali (1952)
: Bhoma Da
Talk About a Stranger (1952)
: Short
Big Carnival, The (1951)
: Kusac; Miner: aka Ace in the Hole (1951)
Red Mountain (1951)
: Meredyth
Strangers on a Train (1951)
: Seedy Man
Square Dance Jubilee (1949)

Maneater of Kumaon (1948)

Writer filmography
Wild Country, The (1971)
(book Little Britches)
War Between the Planets (1965)
: aka Planet on the Prowl (1965)

Burt Mustin

Date of Birth: February 8, 1882, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.
Date of death: January 28, 1977

First film at age 67.

Notable TV Guest Appearances:
“Rhoda” (1974), as Sleeping Man (Honeymoon Episode)
“Brady Bunch, The” (1969), as Jethroe Collins (ep. ‘Bobby’s Hero (1973)’)
“Monkees, The” (1966), as Thursday or Simba (ep. ‘Monkees Marooned (10/30/1967)’)
“Andy Griffith Show, The” (1960), as Jud Fletcher
“Mr. Lucky” (1959), as Uncle Billy (ep. ‘The Leadville Kid Gang (1/23/1960)’)
“Maverick” (1957)
, as Henry (ep. ‘Day They Hanged Bret Maverick, The (9/21/1958)’)
“Leave It to Beaver” (1957)
, as Gus the Fireman
“Twilight Zone” (Feb. 9, 1962), in the episode ‘Kick the Can.’

Actor Filmography:
“Arthur Hailey’s the Moneychangers” (1976)
(mini) TV Series: Jack Henderson: aka “Moneychangers, The” (1976) (mini)
“Phyllis” (1975)
TV Series: Arthur Lanson (1976)
Strongest Man in the World, The (1975): Regent Appleby
Mame (1974): Uncle Jeff
Miracle on 34th Street (1973) (TV): Roy
“All in the Family” (1971) TV Series: Justin Quigley (1973-1976): aka
“Those Were the Days” (1971)

Skin Game (1971)
Hail, Hero! (1969)
Speedway (1968)
Adventures of Bullwhip Griffin, The (1967)
Cat Ballou (1965): Accuser
Ghost and Mr. Chicken, The (1965): Boarder at Mrs. Maxwell’s
Killers, The (1964): Elderly Man
Misadventures of Merlin Jones, The (1964): Bailiff
Sex and the Single Girl (1964): Harvey
Time for Dying, A (1964)
Son of Flubber (1963): First Bailiff
Thrill of It All, The (1963): Butler
“Ichabod and Me” (1961) TV Series: Olaf
The FBI Story (1959, with James Stewart)
Big Country, The (1958)
Rally ‘Round the Flag, Boys! (1958): Milton Evans
“Date with the Angels” (1957) TV Series: Mr. Finley
Raintree County (1957) (uncredited): Grandpa Peters
Storm Center (1956)
Desperate Hours, The (1955)
Cattle Queen of Montana (1954) (uncredited): Dan
Silver Lode (1954) (uncredited): Spectator
Lion Is in the Streets, A (1953): Smith
One Girl’s Confession (1953): Gardener
Silver Whip, The (1953): Uncle Ben
Vicki (1953) (uncredited): Bellboy
Just Across the Street (1952): Pop’s Friend
Lusty Men, The (1952): Jeremiah
Talk About a Stranger (1952): Mr McEley
Detective Story (1951): Janitor

Vic Perrin

Sometimes Credited As: Victor Perrin

Vic Perrin was a semi-regular ‘Dragnet’ player; he appeared in both the 1954 ‘Dragnet’ theatrical feature (as the deputy DA trying to prosecute the mafioso Friday and Smith want for a gang slaying) and the special 2-hour TV-movie episode (as the bondage-fetish serial killer), as well as numerous half-hour episodes from both the original and revival series.

Actor Filmography:
Abduction of Saint Anne, The (1975) (TV): Doctor: aka They’ve Kidnapped Anne Benedict (1975) (TV)
Klansman, The [aka The Burning Cross; KKK] (1974): Hector
“Help! It’s the Hair Bear Bunch” (1971) TV Series (voice)
Mission Impossible Versus the Mob (1968): Cheever
Bubble, The (1967) (aka Fantastic Invasion of Planet Earth)
“Space Ghost” (1966) TV Series (voice): Creature King, Lurker
“Outer Limits, The” (1963) TV Series: The Control Voice (1963 – 1964)
Europe in the Raw (1963) (voice): Narrator
Black Tuesday (1954): Dr. Hart
Dragnet (1954): Adolph Alexander
Superman’s Peril (1954): Steward Scurvy
Forever Female (1953): Scenic Designer
System, The (1953): Little Harry
Don’t Bother to Knock (1952): Elevator Operator

Notable TV Guest Appearances:
“Mission: Impossible” (1966) playing “Anton Massik” in episode: “Robot” (episode #4.8) 11/30/1969
“Mission: Impossible” (1966) playing “Owner” in episode: “Mind Of Stefan Miklos, The” (episode # 3.13) 1/12/1969
“Mission: Impossible” (1966) playing “Cheever” in episode: “Council, The: Part 1” (episode # 2.11) 11/19/1967
“F.B.I., The” (1965) in episode: “Gold Card” (episode # 2.61) 9/17/1967
“Mission: Impossible” (1966) playing “Dr. Ira Drake” in episode: “Shock” (episode #1.24) 3/25/1967
“Star Trek” (1966) playing “Nomad”(voice) in episode: “Changeling, The” 1967
“Star Trek” (1966) playing “Tharn” in episode: “Mirror, Mirror” 1967
Gunsmoke” (1955) playing “Hanry Huckaby” in episode: “Promoter, The” 4/25/1964
“Twilight Zone, The” (1959) playing “Trooper” in episode: “Ring-A-Ding Girl” 12/27/1963
“Untouchables, The” (1959) playing “Parrot Krebs” in episode: “Giant Killer, The” 4/9/1963
Gunsmoke” (1955) playing “Nate Bush” in episode: “Bless Me Till I Die” 4/22/1961
“Untouchables, The” (1959) playing “Inky Beggs” in episode: “Underground Court, The” 2/16/1961
“Untouchables, The” (1959) playing “Robert Riordan” in episode: “Mark of Cain, The” 11/17/1960
“Twilight Zone, The” (1959) playing “Martian” in episode: “People are Alike All Over” 3/25/1960
“Richard Diamond, Private Detective” (1957) in episode: “Mickey Farmer Case, The” 7/1/1957
Gunsmoke” (1955) playing “Wilbur Hawkins” in episode: “What the Whiskey Drummer Heard” 4/27/1957
Gunsmoke” (1955) playing “Hank Springer” in episode: “No Handcuffs” 1/21/1956
“Streets of San Francisco, The” (1972) playing “John Wozynsky” in episode: “Solitaire”

Jack Sheldon

Notable Dragnet Appearance:
As Chester Albertson” in “Burglary – Mister” (10/16/1969).
Apart from his many TV and film appearances, Jack Sheldon is well-known as Merv Griffin’s sidekick on “The Merv Griffin Show” in the 70’s.

Actor Filmography:
Hard Time: The Premonition (1999) (TV): Trumpet
Hard Time (1998)
(TV): Trumpet
Dear God (1996)
: Homeless Trumpeter
Radioland Murders (1994)
: Ruffles Reedy
Lush Life (1993)
(TV): Norman
For the Boys (1991)
: Wally Fields
Let’s Get Lost (1988)
: Himself
Freaky Friday (1977)
: Lloyd
“Girl with Something Extra, The” (1973)
– TV Series: Jerry Burton
“Schoolhouse Rock” (1973)
TV Series (voice)
“He & She” (1967)
TV Series
“Run Buddy Run” (1966)
TV Series: Buddy Overstreet
“Cara Williams Show, The” (1964)
TV Series: Fletcher Kincaid

Miscellaneous Crew Filmography:
Noises Off… (1992)
(featured musician)

Notable TV Guest Appearances:
“Simpsons, The” (1989)
playing “The Amendment”(voice) in episode: “Day the Violence Died, The” (episode # 7.18) 3/17/1996
“Star Trek: The Next Generation” (1987)
playing “Piano Player” in episode: “11001001” (episode # 1.13) 1/30/1988
“Petticoat Junction” (1963)
playing “Ronnie Coleman” in episode: “Selma Plout’s Plot” (episode # 7.16) 1/10/1970
“Dragnet 1967” (1967) playing “Chester Albertson” in episode: “Burglary – Mister” (episode # 4.5) 10/16/1969
“Petticoat Junction” (1963)
playing “Freddie Kirby” in episode: “Organ Fund, The” (episode # 6.23) 3/8/1969
“Gilligan’s Island” (1964)
playing “Lucky” in episode: “Little Island, Big Gun” 1/23/1965

Mickey Sholdar

Notable Dragnet Roles:
Acid-throwing, party-crashing teen Gerald Paulson in “The Grenade”; soda shop informant in the “Fat Donna” episode.

Actor Filmography:
Babe (1975)
(TV): Golf Pro

TV Appearances:
The Farmer’s Daughter (1963-1966)
 :as Steve Morley

Olan Soule

Date of Birth: 1910, La Harpe, Illinois, USA
Date of death: February 1, 1994, Los Angeles, California, (lung cancer)

Notable (and recurring) Dragnet role:
Chief of Scientific Investigation Division, Ray Murray

Soule was a leading radio actor, and portrayed many TV program and commercial voiceovers and cartoon voices, including Superman in all but the “Galactic Guardians” version of THE SUPER FRIENDS.

Actor Filmography:
“World’s Greatest Superfriends, The” (1979) TV Series (voice): Batman
“All-New Super Friends Hour, The” (1977) TV Series: Batman
Shaggy D.A., The (1976): Bar Patron
Apple Dumpling Gang, The (1975): Rube Chick
Legend of Lizzie Borden, The (1975) (TV): Eli Bence
Towering Inferno, The (1974): Johnson
“Super Friends” (1973) TV Series: Batman
“Arnie” (1970) TV Series: Fred Springer (1970-72)
Cincinnati Kid, The (1965): Desk Clerk
“My Three Sons” (1960) TV Series: Mr. Pfeiffer (1961-1963)
North by Northwest (1959) (uncredited): Assistant Auctioneer
Cult of the Cobra (1955): Major Martin Fielding
Daddy Long Legs (1955): Asst. Hotel Mgr. Queen Bee (1955)
“Captain Midnight” (1954) TV Series: Aristotle “Tut” Jones (1954-56): aka “Jet Jackson, Flying Commando” (1954)
Dragnet (1954): Ray Pinker
Francis Joins the Wacs (1954): Captain Creavy
Human Desire (1954): Lewis
This Island Earth (1954): First Reporter
Call Me Madam (1953): Clerk
Don’t Bother to Knock (1952): Desk Clerk
Monkey Business (1952): Hotel Clerk: aka Darling I Am
Growing Younger (1952)
Never Wave at a WAC (1952): aka Private Wore
Skirts, The (1952)
Stars and Stripes Forever (1952): aka Marching Along (1952)
Story of Will Rogers, The (1952): Secretary
Day the Earth Stood Still, The (1951): Mr. Krull
You Never Can Tell (1951): Salesman: aka You Never Know (1951)
Branded (1950): Bank Clerk
Peggy (1950)
: Simmons

Notable TV Guest Appearances:
“Mission: Impossible” (1966), as Desk Clerk (ep. ‘Imitation (1973)’)
“Monkees, The” (1966), as [unknown] (ep. ‘Monkees Manhattan Style (4/10/1967)’)
“Andy Griffith Show, The” (1960), as choir director, and hotel clerk, John Masters (ep. ‘Barney and the Choir (2/19/1962)’)
“Untouchables, The” (1959), as Frank Casey (ep. ‘Chess Game, The (10/9/1962)’)
“Tightrope” (1959), as [unknown] (ep. ‘The Model and the Mobster (2/9/1960)’)
“Untouchables, The” (1959), as Dr. Hallet (ep. ‘Seat On the Fence, A (11/24/1960)’)

Leonard Stone

Notable Dragnet Role:
College professor who tries to expel Friday for busting a classmate for pot possession.

Actor Filmography:
American Pop (1981)
: Leo
Hardly Working (1981)
: Ted Mitchell
Once Upon a Spy (1980)
(TV): Dr. Webster: aka Lethal Games (1980) (TV)
Zuma Beach (1978) (TV): Johnson
Mame (1974): Stage Manager
Soylent Green (1973): Charles
Man, The (1972): Congressman Parmel
Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971): Mr. Beauregarde
Getting Straight (1970): Lysander
I Love My Wife (1970): Dr. Neilson
Zigzag (1970): Jim Harris: aka False Witness (1970): aka Zig-Zag (1970)
Big Mouth, The (1967): Fong

Notable TV Guest Appearances:
“Night Court” (1984)
in episode: “World War III” 1984
“Mission: Impossible” (1966)
playing “Paul Lewis” in episode: “Hit” 11/11/1972
“Land of the Giants” (1968)
playing “Sgt. Eson” in episode: “Unsuspected, The” 1969
“Mission: Impossible” (1966)
playing “Major Alud” in episode: “Controllers, The” 1969
“Land of the Giants” (1968)
playing “Dr. Kraal” in episode: “Brainwash” 1968
“Lost in Space” (1965)
playing “Farnum B.” in episode: “Space Beauty” 2/14/1968
“I Spy” (1965)
in episode: “Few Miles West of Nowhere, A” 1967
“Lost in Space” (1965)
playing “Farnum B.” in episode: “Day At The Zoo, A” 11/29/1967
“Mission: Impossible” (1966)
playing “Dimitri Soska” in episode: “Memory” 1966
“Untouchables, The” (1959)
playing “Louis Manzak” in episode: “Nick Acropolis Story, The” 6/1/1961

Date of birth: October 18, 1918
Date of death: February 7, 1999; Sherman Oaks, California. (heart attack)
Bobby Troup was married to Julie London, first wife of Jack Webb.

Notable Dragnet Roles:
Down-and-Outer Claude Stroup in the Christmas episode; Bartender bookie with a dying daughter.

Actor Filmography:
Rebels, The (1979) (TV)
Benny and Barney: Las Vegas Undercover (1977) (TV): aka Las Vegas Undercover (1977) (TV)
“Emergency!” (1972) TV Series: Dr. Joe Early
Emergency (1971) (TV): Dr. Joe Early M.D./F.A.C.S
MASH (1970): Sergeant Gorman: aka M*A*S*H (1970)
Dragnet (1969) (TV)
Number One (1969): Harvey Hess
First to Fight (1967): Lt. Overman
“Acapulco” (1961) TV Series: Bobby
Five Pennies, The (1959): Arthur Schutt
“Stars of Jazz” (1958) TV Series: Host
Bop Girl (1957): aka Bop Girl Goes Calypso (1957)

Other works:
Wrote a song called “Route 66” that was sung by Nat King Cole (but it was
not the same as the ‘Route 66’ TV show theme).

Actress Filmography:
Longshot, The (1986): Waitress
Hills Have Eyes, The (1978): Ethel Carter
“Eight Is Enough” (1977) TV Series: Daisy Maxwell (1977-1979)
Treasure of Matecumbe (1976): Aunt Lou
Baby, The (1973)
Strangers in 7A (1972) (TV) : Woman
$1,000,000 Duck (1971): Eunice Hooper (aka ‘Million Dollar Duck, The’)
Night Slaves (1970) (TV): Mrs. Crawford
Sweet November (1968): Mrs. Schumacher
Tony Rome (1967): Sally
Love with the Proper Stranger (1963): Anna
Black Orchid, The (1959): Alma Gallo
Never Steal Anything Small (1959): Ginger
I Want to Live! (1958): Peg
Return of Dracula, The (1958): Jenny Blake (aka ‘Curse of Dracula, The’/’Fantastic Disappearing Man, The’
Helen Morgan Story, The (1957) (aka ‘Both Ends of the Candle’)

Notable TV Guest Appearances:
“Mr. Lucky” (1959)
, as Honeybird (ep. ‘Dangerous Lady (6/11/60)’)
“Untouchables, The” (1959), as Mona (ep. ‘Underground Railway, The (12/31/1959)’)

Born: 1921
Died: February 21, 2001

Little Mo (1978) (TV)
“Sam” (1978)
 TV Series: Capt. Tom Clagett
Lincoln Conspiracy, The (1977): Ward H. Lamon
Captains Courageous (1977) (TV): McLean
Stonestreet: Who Killed the Centerfold Model? (1977) (TV): Detective #1
Gemini Man (1976)
 (TV): Captain Whelan: aka Code Name: Minus One (1976) (TV) (syndication title)
Eleanor and Franklin (1976) (TV)
Pursuit (1972/I)
 (TV): Karley: aka Binary (1972) (TV)
Dead Men Tell No Tales (1971) (TV): Darrow
Andromeda Strain, The (1971) (uncredited): Utah Crash Site Officer
Paper Man (1971) (TV): Executive
Columbo: Death Lends a Hand (1971) (TV): Captain of Detectives
Sweet, Sweet Rachel (1971) (TV) (uncredited): Minister
Intruders, The (1970) (TV): George Ganzer

Change of Habit (1969) (uncredited): Police Sergeant
“Love Is a Many Splendored Thing” (1967) TV Series: Phillip “Phil” Elliott (1967)(original cast)
For Pete’s Sake (1966)

“From These Roots” (1958) TV Series: Dr. Buck Weaver
“Time to Live, A” (1954) TV Series: Chick Buchanan

Notable TV Guest Appearances:
“Paradise” (1988) in episode: “House Divided, A” (episode # 1.14) 2/16/1989
“A-Team, The” (1983) playing “Cal” in episode: “There’s Always a Catch” (episode # 2.9) 11/15/1983
“A-Team, The” (1983) playing “Cal” in episode: “Recipe For Heavy Bread” (episode # 2.2)
“Little House on the Prairie” (1974) playing “Isaiah Tompkins” in episode: “Lost Ones, The: Part 2” (episode # 7.22) 5/11/1981
“Waltons, The” (1972) playing “Mr. Gentry” in episode: “Move, The” (episode # 9.8) 1/15/1981
“Adam-12” (1968) playing “Henry Thompson” in episode: “Ladies’ Night” (episode # 7.16) 2/18/1975
“Harry O” (1974) playing “Capt. Kronman” in episode: “Silent Kill” (episode # 1.18) 2/6/1975
“Adam-12” (1968) playing “Art Wilson” in episode: “Clinic on 18th St” (episode # 6.24) 3/13/1974
“Adam-12” (1968) playing “Sgt Porter” in episode: “LA International” (episode # 6.23) 3/12/1974
“Adam-12” (1968) playing “Jason Lamb” in episode: “Log 46: Pilgrimage” (episode # 3.12) 12/26/1970
“Dragnet 1967” (1967) playing “Walt Aldrich” in episode: “Narcotics: The Missing Hype” 1/8/1970
“Dragnet 1967” (1967) playing “Jack Courtney” in episode: “Intelligence: DR-34: The Fielder Militia” 4/17/1969
“Dragnet 1967” (1967) playing “Captain Nelson” in episode: “Vice – DR-30: The Poker Game” 3/13/1969
“Dragnet 1967” (1967) playing “Capt Morris” in episode: “Juvenile Division – DR-19: The Abusive Mother” 2/27/1969
“Dragnet 1967” (1967) playing “Capt Stanley” in episode: “Business Office Division – DR-27: Tidal Wave” 1/25/1969
“Dragnet 1967” (1967) playing “Officer Dave Dorman” in episode: “Homicide – DR-22: The Senior Citizen Detective” 1/9/1969
“Dragnet 1967” (1967) playing “Capt Ken Green” in episode: “Burglary: Juvenile Genius” 1969
“Dragnet 1967” (1967) playing “Sgt Al Maxwell” in episode: “Big Frustration, The” 10/19/1967
“Wild, Wild West, The” (1965) playing “Major Jason” in episode: “Night of the
Firebrand, The” (episode # 3.2) 9/15/1967
“Invaders, The” (1967) playing “Deputy Wallace” in episode: “Panic” (episode # 1.13)
Gunsmoke” (1955) playing “Station Master” in episode: “Lure, The” (episode # 12.23)
“Road West, The” (1966) in episode: “Shaman, The” (episode # 1.10) 11/14/1966
“Fugitive, The” (1963) playing “Boles” in episode: “Death is the Door Prize” (episode #4.2) 9/20/1966
“Fugitive, The” (1963) playing “Kress” in episode: “End of the Line” (episode # 3.14) 12/21/1965
“Big Valley, The” (1965) playing “Sheriff Lyman” in episode: “Palms of Glory” (episode #1.1) 9/15/1965
Gunsmoke” (1955) playing “Jim Donner” in episode: “He Who Steals” (episode # 10.36) 5/29/1965

Notable Dragnet Roles:
Fretful mother of two lost girls; fretful mother of son who blows away a man with a sawed-off shotgun (and many other fretful mothers); stressed-out employee of kidnapped beauty-business queen.

Actress Filmography:
Screaming Skull, The (1958)
Space Children, The (1958): Anne Brewster
Wrong Man, The (1957): Miss Dennerly
Submarine Command (1951): Alice Rice
Macbeth (1948): Lady Macduff/Witch
Her Adventurous Night (1946): Miss Howard
Little Miss Big (1946): Ellen

Tom Williams

Tom Williams worked for Jack Webb from 1967-70 as a production assistant, as noted on the end credits of each episode. He went on to do the same on Adam-12, and was an associate producer, and he also produced that show for the last two years.

Notable Dragnet Roles:
* In “The Phony Police Racket,” he was on the phone when Friday and Gannon go into the phone room.
* In “Vice DR-30,” he was in the card game as Montana, who says, “I’m plowed under.”
* In the 2-hour Dragnet TV-movie from 1967, he played Harry Morgan’s nephew (who was making Harry a bridge for the wrong side of his mouth.)

William Barton Yarborough

Date of Birth: Oct. 2, 1900
Date of Death: Dec. 19, 1951

(Photo sent in by Raul Moreno.)

Actor Filmography:
“Dragnet” (1951) TV Series: Sgt. Ben Romero (aka “Badge 714”)
Henry, The Rainmaker (1949): The Reverend Bascom
Hiss and Yell (1946): Bluebeard the Great
Idea Girl (1946): Pete Barlow
Wife Wanted (1946): Walter Desmond
I Love a Mystery (1945)
Red Dragon, The (1945): Joseph Brandish
Ghost of Frankenstein, The (1942): Doctor Kettering
They Meet Again (1941)
(More to come…)

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    The Brady Bunch Episode “Bobby’s Hero” featuring Burt Mustin as Mr. Collins was not orgnally aired in 18969, It ws orgnally aired in 1973,


    It might interst you to know that both Actress Virginia Gregg and Actor Don Dubbins both atarre3d in the 1957 Warner Brothers motion picture The D.I. along with Actor JHck Webb.


    It might interst you to know that Actress Virginia Gregg had potrayed d the role of Vitiniga MILLER IN THE 197o Dragnet epsode Perosnnel-The Shooting..


    It might interst uou to know that the Actor who portrated the role of the Professor in the dDragnet episode DHQ-Night School had alos potrayed the role of Sm Bearegard in the 1971 Warner Brothers motio picture Willie Wonka And The Chocolate Factory/


    It might intrrest you to know that AAAActor Burt Mustin was in a 1875 two-part ADAM-12 episode rIDE With The Commisoner


    It might interst you to know that the Black man who raised his hand more than once in the Public Affaris was O.J. Simpson.

  7. Oriole Adams

    It might interest you to know that Vic Perrin was the Control Voice (“There is nothing wrong with your television set….We control the horizontal….” of the sci-fi TV series “The Outer Limits”.

  8. Don't Call Me Steve

    I am shocked — shocked! — that Virginia Gregg’s acting credits do not include the pilot of Jack Webb’s own “Chase”!

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