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DRAGNET – TV (1952-1959; 1967-1970; 2003)
JACK WEBB (Films, Other Shows, etc.)
LAPD (etc.)

DRAGNET – TV (2003)

DRAGNET – TV (1952-1959; 1967-1970)

  • 1950’s Dragnet Episodes Available on Web
    Author Michael Hayde informs us that a Web site is offering some old Dragnet episodes for view. Like Television has at least four episodes: “The Big Little Jesus” (air date: 12/24/1953); “The Big Betty” (air date: 9/24/1953); “The Big Frame” (air date: 4/22/1954); and the next-to-last episode, “The Big Counterfeit” (air date: 8/16/1959).
  • FAT DONNA’S Guide to Who’s Who on “DRAGNET”.
  • The Urban Legends Reference Pages explains how Jack Webb never actually said “Just the facts, ma’am.”
  • Thoughts on Dragnet from Jump the Shark.
  • Rate-It-All’s Dragnet site.
  • TVTunesOnline’s Dragnet Trivia page.
  • Every Dragnet fan should see the Oscar-nominated L.A. CONFIDENTIAL, an adaptation of the great James Ellroy book portraying 1950’s L.A. It includes a fictional TV show called “Badge of Honor” which is modeled after Dragnet. The opening of the show, as seen on a TV in the background in one scene, looks just like the opening of Dragnet (with a large LAPD badge). There’s also a scene showing the fictional show being filmed, and the hero interrupts a rambling character to say “Please– just the facts, ma’am.” L.A. CONFIDENTIAL was easily one of the best movies of 1997 (regardless of its passing Dragnet references).

  • G.L. Mercer sells Dragnet Old Time Radio Programs in MP3 from his Web site.
  • For a list of the Dragnet radio show episodes, see the Vintage Radio Place.
  • OTR Plot Summaries lists some episode summaries.
  • RUSC Old Time Radio: Over 3000 old time radio shows in MP3 and growing daily. Categories include Detective, Thrillers, Comedy, Drama, Juvenile, Western, News Broadcasts, and more. (Available for subscription fee.)
  • A Project U.F.O. home page features some audio files of complete radio episodes that you can listen to. They include Dragnet, Pat Novak for Hire, Johny Modero – Pier 23, Jeff Regan – Investigator, Pete Kelly’s Blues, and the Jack Webb Show.
  • XM Satellite Radio plays Dragnet radio episodes on their “Radio Classics” channel.
  • KNX in Los Angeles airs Dragnet radio episodes every Thursday at 9pm. Review of a set of Dragnet radio episodes on cassette.


JACK WEBB (Films, Other Shows, etc.)
  • Review of Pete Kelly’s Blues from Senses of Cinema.
  • Information and stills from Jack’s Red Nightmare short film from the early 1960’s Ken Lanza sent us this link to the UCLA Jack Webb Script Collection.
  • Ken Lanza sent us this link to Michael A. Kemp’s Project UFO anecdotes.
  • Check here for sites for another Jack Webb show, Emergency!
  • The Swingin’ Chicks page on Mamie van Doren claims that Mamie’s web site includes “sordid tales of being tied up and attacked by Jack Webb” in the section called “Bedtime Stories.” As of August 2002, the story about the alleged event does not seem to be on the site anymore, however. (If you find it, please email us.)

LAPD (etc.)

  • The Los Angeles Police Historical Society store has some cool Dragnet-related items as well many other great LAPD-inspired offerings.
  • You can order a replica of the Dragnet badge from NIC Law Enforcement Supply.
  • For those of you who long for a full-size replica of Joe Friday’s badge, Ken Lanza sent us this link.
  • You can always find good Dragnet and Jack Webb items on
  • A Dragnet/Webb rubber stamp is available from



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