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Jack Webb Photos

Jerry Dexter and Jack Webb in episode #14: “The Subscription Racket” (1967)
(Thanks to Jeff Gilbert and Jerry Dexter for the photo.)

Dave Garraway’s family has this great personalized photo of Jack. Dave writes: “My father sold a swimming pool to his agent/manager and received the photo autographed to me. I think the photo was from around 1959.” Many thanks to Dave for letting us use it here!

Jack Webb looking mighty snazzy. (Thanks to Ken Lanza for sending it in!)

Ella Fitzgerald and Jack Webb on the set of “Pete Kelly’s Blues”

(Many thanks to Michael Hayde, author of “My Name’s Friday: The Unauthorized but True Story of Dragnet and the Films of Jack Webb”, for sending in this scan.)

Thanks to Ken Lanza for sending this.

This photo of Jack Webb with second wife Dorothy Towne comes from the Hollywood Press Syndicate. Webb and Towne were married from 1955-1957. Caption (as printed on the back of the photo): “CANDID HOLLYWOOD: Tough Jack Webb of television fame is having a difficult time keeping his home situation under control. Shown with his wife, Dorothy, during a happier moment, rumors are that the newlyweds aren’t living happily ever after.”

Jack with first wife Julie London

(Many thanks to Bob Woulf for sending in this scan.)

(Many thanks to Bob Woulf for sending in this scan.)

“Friday meets Friday”

From a July 22, 1972 TV Guide article.
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