Dragnet Revival in Movie-for-TV

by Richard K. Doan

(from the New York Herald Tribune, 11/19/65 )
(Many thanks to author Michael Hayde for sending this in.)

Jack Webb is likely to make a one-night stand on the home screen next year in the role he made famous in the 1950’s—as the laconic Police Sgt. Joe Friday in Dragnet.

Universal TV, the Hollywood studio which has Webb under contract, submitted Dragnet among a list of proposed storylines for two-hour film features to be produced for NBC.

The network has approved the idea, subject to a final go-ahead when other possible story properties have been examined. An NBC spokesman said it was “very likely†the Dragnet film would be made.

Webb would produce and direct as well as star in this movie-for-TV.

Studio officials on the Coast were quoted as saying NBC would look at the two-hour feature with an eye to possibilities of reviving Dragnet on a half-hour weekly basis. A network source here said this was possible.

Webb reportedly would try to get his Dragnet sidekick, Ben Alexander, to join him in the one-shot revival.

Dragnet went off in 1959 after seven years and 276 episodes. MCA, which owns Universal, acquired the rights from Webb and his associates for $5 million.

Universal has made three two-hour feature films for NBC on an experimental basis and has a deal to make some more.

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