L.A. DRAGNET Cancelled

AP reported on Nov. 6th that ABC has, unfortunately, cancelled the show due to its low ratings. Several episodes were completed but never aired, and there is some speculation that these could air during the summer of 2004.
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10/10: Season One Dragnet DVD on Hold
Universal has announced that the release date for Season 1 of the new Dragnet series as been changed from Nov. 11th and is now “to be determined.” It may be rescheduled or cancelled.

8/28: AP Article on L.A. Dragnet
Detective has new title, look.

8/28: Theme Available from Web Site
The great Mike Post theme for L.A. Dragnet continues to be unavailable for purchase, unfortunately, but an unauthorized copy is said to be available from this Web site.

7/24: Cast for L.A. Dragnet Expands
Four new cast members have been added to L.A. Dragnet so far. here are their names, with link to their IMDB listings:
Evan Parke
Eva Longoria
Roselyn Sanchez
Desmond Harrington

7/15: News on Changes for the Second Season
‘L.A. Dragnet’ Widens for Second Season from Zap2it.
‘L.A. Dragnet,’ ’10-8′ Expand Casts

5/14: Dragnet Renewed!
Dragnet has been renewed for another 13 episodes in ABC’s fall season, moving to Saturday nights at 10pm. It will now be called L.A. Dragnet and will undergo some additional retooling (reported to include the addition of a team of young detectives and more women characters).

3/17: New Dragnet Theme
We receive several emails a day from people asking where they can get the theme for the new Dragnet show on ABC, a great reworking by Mike Post of the original 1950s theme by Walter Schumann. Unfortunately, it is not currently available through official channels (although an unofficial copy can be found here). We’re hoping that it will be released commercially soon. If it is, we’ll update this entry with information on how to obtain it.

3/10: Walon Green Interviewed on NPR’s Fresh Air on Monday, 3/10
Walon Green, one of the executive producers of the new Dragnet series, was interviewed on Fresh Air. The program is archived on the Fresh Air web site. (You can also read our own interview with Walon Green.)

January 22: An article on the revival from Louisville’s Snitch magazine.

January 21: Check out our new interview with Dragnet executive producer Walon Green.

January 19: Entertainment Weekly reviewer Bruce Fretts grades the show a “B+”. Fretts says the show “stays true” to the 1950s series while moving to a “faster beat,” offering “solid, well-crafted plots.” He also praises O’Neill’s “believable and restrained” performance as Joe Friday. Read the full review.

January 14: An article by Gary Levin runs in USA Today. (It has new quotes from Dick Wolf.)

January 6: An article by Roger K. Miller appears in the Washington Post. (It contains some quotes from executive producer Walon Green.)

December 11: ABC moves Dragnet from Mondays at 9pm to Sundays at 10pm, in place of The Practice (which is moving to Mondays).

October 31: posts new article, Wolf Drops a Few Clues about ‘Dragnet’

October 2: The Hollywood Reporter announces that Ed O’Neill (left; best known for the TV series Married… with Children), has been cast as Joe Friday, replacing Danny Huston. Production will start up again on Friday, 10/11.

October 2: Variety reports that Danny Huston has left the show. The article states that the film actor “felt less comfortable with the daily rigors of primetime TV.” The part of Joe Friday will be recast.

September 23: A press release announces that production has begun and that the main characters will be named Joe Friday and Frank Smith, following the format of the 1950’s version of Dragnet.

September 12: The Hollywood Reporter’s Nellie Andreeva writes that Ethan Embry (left) has been cast as Danny Huston’s partner. Dick Wolf is quoted as saying that the new show “will certainly not be your father’s Dragnet.” Embry’s younger character will have been on the job with Huston’s character for four years. Embry will soon be seen with Reese Witherspoon in the movie Sweet Home Alabama.

August 21: Danny Huston is cast as Detective Joe Friday. Danny is, of course, the son of legendary actor/director John Huston, and his latest movie is Ivans xtc.

August 15: Walon Green takes over as showrunner and co-executive producer from Barry Schindel. Schindel’s departure is attributed to creative differences. Kevin Hooks joins as another co-executive producer.

July 21: An item in the Cincinnati Enquirer quotes ABC Entertainment president Susan Lyne as saying that “Dick (Wolf) is using the 100 most lurid, provocative cases in L.A. history as fodder for his stories.”

June 24: Variety reports that writer Robert Nathan has signed to co-executive produce Dragnet, as well as create other new projects for Wolf Films.

June 18: Emmy-winning writer-producer Walon Green signs a contract to serve as a consultant on Dragnet as well as on Law & Order.

June 4: TV veteran Barry Schindel signs on as Executive Producer and showrunner of the new Dragnet for Wolf Films and Universal Television, moving over from the same post at Law & Order. Casting on the series is expected to begin shortly. (See for more.)

May 10: Variety and other sources report that ABC has signed Dick Wolf to create a new version of Dragnet. The network has ordered 13 episodes at a cost of $1.3 million per episode. Wolf tells Variety that the basic idea of two cops working the streets of L.A. will remain, but that it will be “reconceptualized” rather than just be a remake of Jack Webb’s series.

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