This is the child-molester scene from the Dragnet TV movie, about half of which is a Joe Friday speech.

(Interrogation room at police building. Sergeant Dave Bradford (played by former Dodger catcher Johnny Roseboro) has been interrogating arrested child-molester suspect Carl Rockwell. Joe Friday enters the room; Bradford tells him what has happened.)

Rockwell: Well, whadduya know—the immortal Sergeant.

Bradford: All right, Rockwell, let’s try it again. You have the right to an attorney, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say many be used against you in a court of law.

Rockwell: You told me that once.

Bradford: Do you understand it?

Rockwell: Like I said, I didn’t before.

Bradford: What do you mean, You didn’t before?

Rockwell: Like I told you and those two uniformed bums who rousted me, I didn’t understand.

Bradford: You didn’t understand what?

Rockwell: Boy, you are thick, aren’t you?

Bradford: Didn’t understand what?

Rockwell: All that jazz about I can remain silent and anything I say you can testify against me! I’m going to be silent any time now and I’ll tell you when!

Bradford: But you understand it now?

Rockwell: I do now! I’m a little tired of hearing it—but I understand it. Now you understand me—You bums have rousted me for the last time! This is the last time you’re going to haul me in on a bum trap! Why don’t you two join hubcap detail and roust a couple of teenagers? If you think you can handle it!

Bradford: Suppose you tell us what you were doing with that little four-year-old in Westlake Park!

Rockwell: It’s when! Go swallow a germ, you nigger cop!

(Friday slams papers on desk in disgust.)

Friday: Now you listen to me, you gutter-mouth punk! I’ve dealt with you before and every time it took me a month to wash off the filth!

I’ll tell you what you did with that four-year-old girl in Westlake Park—you staked out a bench like you’ve always done. You bought a sack of penny candy. You waited for the right little girl to come along. You told her you were gonna take her for a ride around the block. You got her in your car. She started to cry…you hit her across the mouth twice. You cut her lip with your ring. You knocked out three of her teeth—and then you know what you did to her…Now get your head up when I’m talking to you!

Now I didn’t say that, Rockwell, You did! That’s exactly what you told those officers who arrested you! They advised you of your rights before you opened your mouth! Now you’re trying to tell us you didn’t understand them! Well, you’re a liar! You understood what your rights were then, you understand them now! Sometime in the last forty-eight hours while you were rattling around in the bucket you got the words! You know that 62 Cal.2d 1338 [the California State Supreme Court ruling formalizing the Miranda requirement] states that you be advised of your right to be silent, that you must thoroughly understand and understand that right because if you don’t any confession you make is inadmissible as testimony in a court of law! Forty-eight hours ago you confessed what you did to that little girl and that was the truth! Now you sit here and tell us you didn’t understand your rights—that’s a lie! Like every hoodlum from Cain on up to Capone you’ve learned to hide behind some quirk in the law. And Mister, you are a two-bit hoodlum. You’ve fallen twice for ADW [assault with a deadly weapon]. Burglary three times. Twice for forcible rape—I tagged you for those. Now you’ve graduated. You’ve moved to the sewer. You’re a child molester. And this isn’t the first time; we’ve had you in before. And Mister, you were guilty then and you’re guilty now! Now one more thing, you smart-mouth punk: If the Department doesn’t question the color of his skin, you damn well see that you don’t!

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