Jack Webb was a prolific TV producer, executive producer, narrator– you name it. Here’s an alphabetical list of the other shows besides Dragnet that he worked on, with details on air dates, cast, etc.
General Electric True
Mobile One
Noah’s Ark
Pete Kelly’s Blues
Project U.F.O.
77 Sunset Strip



On-Air: September 1968-August 1975
Martin Milner (as Officer Pete Molloy)
Kent McCord (as Officer Jim Reed)
William Boyett (as Sgt. MacDonald)
Gary Crosby (as Officer Ed Wells)
Shaaron Claridge (as Dispatcher’s voice)
William Stevens (as Officer Jerry Walters: 1968-1969)
Jack Hogan (as Sgt. Jerry Miller: 1969)
Mikki Jamison (as Jean Reed: 1969)
Claude Johnson (as Officer Norm Green: 1970-1971)
William Elliott (as Officer Grant: 1974-1975)
Fred Stromsoe (as Officer Woods: 1974-1975)
Jack Webb produced this series, sometimes referred to as ‘son of Dragnet.’ Where Dragnet focused on detective work, Adam-12 focused on the daily activities of two LAPD patrol-car officers. One officer (Pete Molloy) was a seasoned officer breaking in a rookie (Jim Reed). Each episode covered a range of cases.

On-Air: January 22, 1972-September 3, 1977
Jack Webb was the executive producer for this series. Cast:
Robert Fuller (as Dr. Kelly Brackett)
Julie London (as Nurse Dixie McCall)
Bobby Troup (as Dr. Joe Early)
Kevin Tighe (as Paramedic Roy DeSoto)
Randolph Mantooth (as Paramedic John Gage)
Ron Pinkhard (as Dr. Morton)
Michael Norell (as Captain Stanley: 1973-1977)
Tim Donnelly (as Fireman Chet Kelly: 1973-1977)
Marco Lopez (as Fireman Lopez: 1973-1977)
Mike Stoker (as Fireman Stoker: 1973-1977)
Vince Howard (as Officer Vince: 1976-1977)

Emergency chronicled the adventures of an L.A. County Fire Department’s Paramedical Rescue Service: Squad 51. Most of the action centered around paramedics DeSoto and Gage, and Rampart Hospital’s emergency room staff provided assistance. The squad mascot was a dog named Boots. Bobby Troup and Julie London were married in real life, and London had also been Webb’s first wife.
On-Air: February 1973-April 1973; August 1973-September 1973
Jack Webb narrated this short-lived NBC semi-documentary adventure series. The show chronicled close calls with danger, such as two children lost in the woods or a submarine trapped on the ocean floor. Only four episodes were aired.
General Electric True
On-Air: September 1962-September 1963
Jack Webb hosted and narrated this dramatic anthology based on stories appearing in True magazine. Webb also directed and starred in at least one episode. Most of the episodes depicted military-related adventure/suspense stories.
Mobile One
On-Air: September 1975-December 1975
Jackie Cooper (as Peter Campbell)
Julie Gregg (as Maggie Spencer)
Mark Wheeler (as Doug McNight)

Jack Webb was the executive producer of this ABC dramatic program about a mobile TV news unit in a large city. (The series filmed around L.A.) Cooper was a veteran TV reporter; Gregg was his producer; Wheeler was the cameraman.
Noah’s Ark
On-Air: September 1956-February 1957 (with reruns from June 1958-October 1958)
Paul Burke (as Dr. Noah McCann)
Vic Rodman (as Dr. Sam Rinehart)
May Wynn (as Liz Clark

Jack Webb was the producer/director of this NBC medical drama. It centered around a veterinary hospital, focusing on two veterinarians and their animal subjects. Rodman’s character was confined to a wheelchair; Burke was his young assistant; Wynn was their secretary. The show had the cooperation of the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association and the American Humane Association.
Pete Kelly’s Blues
On-Air: April 1959-September 1959
William Reynolds (as Pete Kelly)
Connee Boswell (as Savannah Brown)
Than Wyenn (as George Lupo)
Phil Gordon (as Fred)
Fred (Anthony) Eisley (as Johnny Cassiano)

Jack Webb produced this drama set in Kansas City during the ‘Roaring Twenties.’ The show had originated as a radio series in 1951 and was made into a movie starring Webb in 1955. The main character was a trumpet player and band leader at a speakeasy. The stories revolved around Pete’s non-musical adventures, including stories of murder and missing persons.
Project U.F.O.

On-Air: February 1978-August 1979
William Jordan (as Maj. Jake Gatlin; 1978 only)
Edward Winter (as Capt. Ben Ryan)
Caskey Swaim (as Staff Sgt. Harry Fitz)
Aldine King (as Libby Virdon)
Jack Webb executive-produced this NBC drama based on unexplained cases in the U.S. Air Force’s UFO files, known as Project Blue Book. Done in Webb’s patented documentary-influenced style, the main characters used to go around the US interviewing people who claimed to have seen UFO’s. The show featured recreations of the sightings. Webb spent eight months researching the Project Blue Book files for the show. It was produced by Colonel William T. Coleman, who led the actual Air Force project. Considering the success of The X Files, this show was certainly ahead of its time.
77 Sunset Strip
Jack Webb was made producer of this long-running program in 1963 in hopes that he could turn around its declining ratings. Webb made William Conrad director, and except for Efrem Zimbalist, Jr., the entire cast was changed. The show’s main character became a freelance investigator, and the settings became international in nature, but all the changes did not help the show survive. It finally went off the air in September 1964.
On-Air: September 1974-December 1974
James C. Richardson (as Ranger Tim Cassidy)
Ernest Thompson (as Ranger Matt Harper)
Jack Hogan (as Chief Ranger Jack Moore)
Mike Warren (as Ranger P.J. Lewis)
Susan Foster (as Ranger Julie Beck)
This series focused on the exploits of a National park Service search-and-rescue team in the fictitious Sierra National Park. It was filmed on location, mostly at Yosemite. There were 13 episodes. The pilot was titled “The Rangers.”

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