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The following pictures are from the personal collection of Raul Moreno,a long-time collector and friend of the Webb family. He has been a contributor to both “Just The Facts, Ma’am” by Dan Moyer and “My Name’s Friday” by Michael Hayde. As a child, he worked as an extra on all of the Mark VII productions and saw Webb work on a first-hand basis. He is an LAPD historian working on movies like “LA Confidential” as a consultant and has been interviewed for the A&E series “City Confidential” episode on the unsolved William Desmond Taylor case. Anytime there is a project about Jack Webb, he gets the call. Raul also worked on the “New” Dragnet series in 1989 and the recent “Just the Tracks, Ma’am” CD for Rhino Records. Since the age of 16, Raul has been part of the LA radio and TV industry, working as producer & voice-over actor. Since 1997, he has been Production Supervisor at KNX Newsradio, where you can hear Dragnet each Thursday night at 9pm with episodes from their collection. His recent work includes voiceover parts on “State of Grace,” “Lizzie McGuire” and “Kim Possible”.

Taken during filming of the Dragnet TV movie in 1966.

The first Dragnet fan photo sent out in 1951.

At the NBC radio studios, 1951. Left to right: L.A. Mayor Fletcher Bowren, Chief of Police William H. Parker, and Jack.

This photo of Jack and Kent McCord (as Officer Paul Culver) was taken during filming of “The Interrogation” episode. This episode is famous for the “What Is a Cop?” speech, written by Richard Breen and Jack. For the text of the speech, see Dragnet Quotes.

An NBC ad for Dragnet.

The cover of Hot Rod magazine featuring a “Dragnet Hot Rod.”

Raul Moreno writes: “Ben Alexander (Frank Smith, 1952-1959) visits on his day off with the REAL Chief of Detectives Thad Brown. Yes, he was real: Jack would use real names of LAPD commanding officers. Note the photo of Jack on the wall.
Also, the name Frank Smith was real, too. It was the name of Jack’s uncle who lived in San Francisco. And as Jack reported, his ears looked like a cab driving down the street with its doors open!”

Raul Moreno writes: “This picture of Jack in high school is from his yearbook. He graduated in 1938 from Belmount High, in LA’s Rampart district. Which is, of course, how the hospital on his 70’s show got its name. Not only that, but on Adam 12 they used the LAPD Rampart station for the exterior shoots.”

Jack on the set of GE Electric True, 1962.

Jack with Merry Anders, who played Policewoman Dorothy Miller.

One of the only pictures of Jack and Barton Yarborough. For more information about Barton, click here.

From “The Big Gun” episode; one of the few cases where Friday showed any emotion.

Raul Moreno writes: “Jack with Chief Parker on the set of Dragnet 1966. This was one of Jack’s favorite photos. The Chief is presenting Jack with a department issue gun, and a Sgt. 714 badge. This was the only time the city made it official and gave him that badge to keep. He was so moved and shocked, he called off filming for the day. Chief Parker, sadly, died a month later.”

A whimsical photo of Jack playing trumpet on the set of “Pete Kelly’s Blues” as Martin Milner lies prone in the foreground. (Also autographed by Milner.)
Photos from the Parker Center Dedication:

Program from the Parker Center dedication, signed by Jack.

Raul Moreno writes: “The unveiling of the memorial stone. Of note: Jack, Mrs. Helen Parker (widow), Mayor Sam Yorty looking back at Chief of Police Tom Reddin, Mrs. Parker (the chief’s Mom), being helped by then-Councilman John Ferraro. He is now council president and in the 1950’s was LAPD commissioner, and he was very instrumental in letting Jack get what he wanted for his shows.”

Jack addresses the crowd.

The program from the L.A.P.D.’s Jack Webb Memorial Service, December 30, 1982

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