This unofficial fan site is devoted both to the career of Jack Webb and to all things Dragnet.
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Here are some articles about Dragnet and/or Jack Webb from various sources.
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AT LONG LAST! The JACK WEBB Story That MUST be told, by /* Ben Alexander */ Ben Alexander — from TV People, October 1957

Jack Webb: My Favorite Case — from Pageant Magazine, January 1955. (With thanks to Michael Hayde .)

Dragnet Revival in Movie-for-TV — from the New York Herald Tribune, Nov. 19, 1965; by Richard K. Doan. (With thanks to Michael Hayde.)

Jack Webb: The Man Who Makes Dragnet — from Coronet Magazine, September 1953; by /* Richard G. Hubbler */ Richard G. Hubbler. (With thanks to Ken Lanza.)

Jack Webb's Dragnet Tells It Like It Is —from TV 70; by Peggy Hudson. (With thanks to Ken Lanza.)

From the New York Herald Tribune, June 13, 1949

From Newsweek, January 14, 1952

From Time, March 15, 1954 (With thanks to Ken Lanza.)

From Newsweek, May 27, 1957

From the New York Times, January 8, 1967

From TV Guide, October 19, 1968

From TV Guide, September 20, 1969

From TV Guide, July 22, 1972 (With thanks to Bob Woulf.)

From Beacon Journal Online (Ohio), March 16, 1997

Check out our Barton Yarborough biography, written by Bob Siler.

We have a page about Jack Webb 's album " You're My Girl ."

Here are some Jack Webb tributes written shortly after his death. (Researched by Bob Siler and Michael J. Hayde .)

Other Articles

The Writers Guild of America site features an article written by Burt Prelutsky about his Dragnet writing assignments, called "Just the Facts, Ma'am."

An appreciation of Dragnet by Elizabeth McLeod.

Read a profile on Dragnet.

Charlotte Younger has written a profile of Jack Webb for the American Legends site.

A Dragnet article from the Austin Chronicle.

A 1997 Variety article called TV Confidential: Hollywood's Long Relationship with SoCal's Finest.

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