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The Dragnet discussion group keeps adding members, and there are new messages almost daily (especially now that a new version of Dragnet is on the air). The list is provided free by Yahoo! Groups, but you’ll have to register to join. They will not sell any e-mail addresses. The only downside is that they append brief advertisements to the messages.

This unofficial fan site is devoted both to the career of Jack Webb and to all things Dragnet.
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  1. Don Rockwell

    I apologize for leaving this message here, but I’ve been using a page on your website to help me write an Adam-12 review … it’s this one, with LAPD Codes on it:

    Is it gone forever, or has it just moved? Please feel to write me at, and by all means, enjoy our Adam-12 synopsis which will grow slowly over time:

    Thanks if you can help,
    Don Rockwell

  2. admin

    Hi Don,

    Thank you for your interest. Badge714 is just undergoing some modifications / improvements so we can preserve the topic better. The complete site should be back in no time. (“,)


  3. Anonymous

    I wonder if anyone involoved with the Dragnet discussion group is well aware that over a tear ago in Septemberm Actor MARTIN milner who potrayed the role of Officer Pete Malloy on the TV crime drama series ADAM-12 had died at the age of 83 years old.

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